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We buy, scale, and grow bootstrapped online businesses.

what we do.

Next Ventures is a mission driven investment portfolio empowering digital security and skills.

Our mission is to enable people around the world to start digital businesses and protect their online privacy. Our brands are read by millions of readers throughout the world helping them discover the best products and services to help their businesses grow and protect their families.

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Our goal is to empower digital entrepreneurs to grow the next generation of digital wealth.


Decrypting the path from startup to leader

At Next Ventures, we build, partner and acquire bootstrapped businesses. We combine our effective approach to digital PR with data centric marketing to leverage high growth opportunities for both our partners as well as our own portfolio businesses. Through our own fund, we have the freedom to make early and growth-stage investments in promising digital companies around the world. Above all we excel at organic marketing and creative growth strategies that have allowed us to grow quickly and effectively.

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About uS.

Started as a small operation of two friends

Next Ventures Group started as a small operation of two friends and bootstrapped entrepreneurs working on their first online brand. Fast forward to present day: Next Ventures has morphed into a portfolio focusing on digital privacy, software, and e-learning.

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Our Team.

The earlier we can invest, the more helpful we can be.

We’re founders and tech junkies — your first call, the coach in the corner, and a kick in the ass when you need it most. We don’t split angel, seed and pre-seed into separate categories — we provide support across the board.

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the art of thoughtful disagreement.

Tough love is effective for achieving both great work and great relationships

We triangulate our view with believable people who are willing to disagree. We plan for the worst-case scenario to make it as good as possible. We regularly use pain as our guide toward quality reflection. If a number of different believable people say we are doing something wrong and we are the only ones who don’t see it that way, we assume that we are probably biased. We try to be evidence-based and encourage others to be the same.