We buy digital businesses.

We help founders exit their businesses with transparent deal structuring, strong support for team structure, and commitment to preserve company culture.

A Partnership-First approach.

Selling your business can be stressful.

What if the new owners can’t operate it?

What if they downsize and undermine the company culture you spend years building?

You’re left with a lot of unknowns.

Having built and sold several bootstrapped businesses ourselves, we know that no one wants to see their company stagnate after a sale.

This is where we come in.

At Next Ventures, we are partners and stewards of the companies we buy.

With a hands-on approach, we help grow your bottom line.

Leveraging decades of experience in digital marketing, sales, and operations management, we execute on a proven growth formula for increasing your MRR.

The Next Ventures difference.

Over the last 7 years, we’re built or acquired several businesses specifically to improve our marketing and operational capabilities for our portfolio companies.


Increase LTV and optimize cost structures

Digital PR

Long term relationships with 300+ media outlets

SEO Growth

Best in class content and technical SEO

Human Capital

Strong leadership and education

What we look for

Fully Digital

Digital only

Great Teams

Culture first

Strong Leadership

Effective management

Brand Presence

Clear USP and recognition

Great Margins

Strong and steady

Unique Approach

Special sauce

How we structure our deals

Our general approach to financing partner deals is:

Lump Sum at Close

Founders can expect anywhere from 50-75% of the funds up front.

Sellers Note

A small earn out period.

Second Bite of the Apple

With some retained equity founders can capture upside profit on later deal financing or exit.

Here’s what our ideal business looks like

Great Brand

We like to work with companies with a strong existing brand presence. Scaling growth and sales is a lot easier when a brand has a great reputation, strong loyalty and good awareness.

We look for companies that are market leaders in a specific vertical or niche.

Strong Systems and Growing Revenue

These two go hand in hand. It's pretty hard to grow revenue consistently without prioritizing internal systems. We look for companies that have robust internal systems that allow us to add operational and marketing firepower to accelerate growth.

Founders Looking to Take Chips off the Table

We look for partners who want to grow their companies together but also want to derisk their business. This allows us to grow the business together for a second larger future exit.

Interested in working together?