Sia Mohajer

Cofounder of Next Ventures Group

Sia cofounded Next Ventures in 2016. Previously, he founded Market Monkey, a boutique consulting firm for offline IT consulting shops seeking to gain an online presence. Since 2014, Sia has been at the forefront of digital marketing, building one of Asia’s largest entrepreneur communities spanning 6 countries with thousands of members. Prior to that, Sia built one of the leading blockchain publications and research hubs for venture funds and individual investors.

Dan Fries

Cofounder of Next Ventures Group

Dan co-founded Next Ventures in 2016. Previously, Dan built a publishing business in the cognitive health space. He oversaw dealflow for Wired Investors, a PE firm for internet-based businesses. Dan has experience as an entrepreneur, operator, and investor, and specializes in buy-side PE business brokerage. Prior to founding Next Ventures, Dan worked at the Dana Farber Institute at Harvard Medical School, co-authoring several publications in the field of translational oncology and bioinformatics. 

Alex Popović

Operations Manager of Next Ventures Group

Alex has been handling operations at NV since 2018. Originally joining the NV family from an industrial engineering background Alex has spent many years as a marketing coordinator. Alex brings a strong background in analytics and quantitative analysis combined with creative growth strategies. He’s is a lifelong supporter of privacy technology and its role in safeguarding political discourse and economic freedom.